Badges and Clothing

Official Member Badges

We have contracted with The Sign Man of Baton Rouge, LA to produce our official member badges with the “branding” colors and logo. To emphasize our look-and-feel, a white background was chosen with our blue and red colors for lettering and the recently adopted CMSARA logo on the upper left sector of the rectangular badge. 

To order, click the button below to open The Sign Man’s website and complete the ordering process. Rick has a number of clasp mechanisms to choose from, including a magnet plate, an alligator clip, and accompanying lanyards as well as a host of other related items at competitive prices. A fellow ham, Rick Pourciau NV5A, always aims to please customers. 

Official CMSARA Clothing

Lands’ End is now the preferred vendor for official clothing featuring the club’s logo. By default, all garment colors are available for order. However, keep in mind the club logo is black and blue; therefore, some garment color selections may not be desirable with the default logo colors. 
The buttons below provide access to the Men and Women’s “Preferred Styles” pages where predefined garments are listed (e.g., polo shirts, broadcloth shirts, fleece jackets, etc.). Available colors on these pages are limited to white, grey, and blue. When ordering these garments, please note there is an option to select the thread color of the logo. Because many garments come in a “Dark Cobalt” color, which is a very close match to the blue color in the logo, selection of the logo embroidery design using “all white threads” creates an attractive combination. (See Garment and Logo Color Combinations below.)
Finally, some items, like t-shirts,  cannot be purchased as one-offs. However, these products can be ordered in batches of as few as 12. Fortunately, the price goes down the more you buy.

Garment and Logo Color Combinations

Harbor Grey
Dark Cobalt with default Logo
Dark Cobalt with White Logo
Dark Gray (Iron Heather) with White Logo
Dark Gray (Iron Heather) with White and Powder Neon Blue Logo