Leadership Team

The history of CMSARA is that it was founded to be more of an “association” than a “club” of amateur radio enthusiasts. Many clubs suffer from issues of authoritarianism (it’s the “officers” club), elitistism (e.g., Extra Class operators are superior to Technicians; No-Code licensees aren’t ‘real’ hams’), and being too tradition-bound (meet-and-eat clubs is what we’ve “always” done). CMSARA was organized to be less of a club and more of an organized group of ham radio enthusiasts and to be activity-oriented. In short, we do stuff! 

As a result, CMSARA makes sure that it is the membership that “owns” the group. Officers and members of the Board of Directors are elected to serve the membership. Presidents are limited to two consecutive terms. Board meetings are open to the membership. ARES officials, such as the county Emergency Coordinator, are appointed by the Section Manager of the American Radio Relay League. New ideas are welcomed, encouraged and supported by others in the group.

President and VE Liason

Maury Mullins, KG5SQZ

Past Presidents

Brian Alexander, W5SSJ

Quinton Frasier, KW5TON

Vice President

Jim Martin, K0UPW

Secretary and Treasurer

Marsha Williams, KI5TRX

Board of Directors

Brett Ziegler, KI5ZIG

Kyle Conway , KI5JCL

Lucas Crenshaw, K4UNK

Marcus King, KI5OTA

Mike Flanagan, WM5A

Brian Alexander, W5SSJ

Social Media and Website

Jim Martin, K0UPW
Brian Blackledge, W5BDB