Central Mississippi
Amateur Radio Association

We Do Stuff !

CMSARA’s informal motto is that we do things other clubs don’t normally do. In other words — #wedostuff. But what do we do?

We Meet...

We hosts monthly meeting where we meet, share experiences and learn about new amateur radio topics and areas of interest. You’ll be surprised at what you see and hear.

We Support...

We support public service events—such as Hurricanes like Katrina—but more often helping non-profit organizations in their events such as bike or running races. This takes a burden off police and fire agencies and saves public funds.

We Test...

We give tests for the FCC required licenses at these monthly meetings as well as many of our public events.

We Experiment...

We may not bark at the moon…but we do bounce radio communications off the moon and talk to the International Space Station when it comes within range. We also experiment with building some of our equipment.

We Communicate...

We love transmitting and receiving radio waves in many forms. Some of these are across town while others are across the globe.

We Practice...

We conduct practice state-wide communications operations every single day! In addition, we conduct periodic simulated emergency tests (SETs) to ensure that both our equipment and communication procedures work as expected.

ARRL Special Service Club

CMSARA is also an ARRL Special Service Club — one of only a few clubs that qualify for this designation in the state of Mississippi.

ARRL defines a Special Services Club as “a club that exists to go above and beyond for their communities and for Amateur Radio is what defines a Special Service Club (SSC).  They are the leaders in their Amateur Radio communities who provide active training classes, publicity programs and actively pursue technical projects and operating activities. “

Want to be a Part of Something Special?

If you want to experience being part of an amateur radio group that truly does things differently than the others, we encourage you to either drop by one of our monthly meetings, or attend any of the special events (e.g., bike rides, races, etc.) we support. 

Our members can answer almost any question you might have regarding how to become a new ham radio operator, licensing test schedules, or provide you with practical advise on “getting on and staying on the air.”  We hope to see you soon!